The Best Options to Play Online Bingo

- I guess you are familiar with the saying that new is always better. My point is not that playing traditional bingo using daubers and paper cards is bad in any way. Please, don't get me wrong. Still, fewer and fewer people find their way into real bingo halls. It's easy to understand why almost everyone prefers to play bingo online. Like in so many other matters, convenience and comfort hold the key yet again. The vast variety of bingo operators guarantees that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Setting up your account is as easy as ABC. The whole process takes no more than a couple of minutes. At the best bingo sites, you can choose from all known bingo variations. We've made it our goal to distinguish the best websites for online bingo games for you and succeeded in it.

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Try The Free Games and Then Play Bingo for Money

Nobody was ever born with either the ability to ride a bike, or play bingo. Online operators understand that and try their best to make bingo introduction for newcomers as easy as possible. All reputable bingo sites have special rooms where players may get their first taste of bingo for free. By that criteria, Wink top the pile. After completing your registration with them, you will be exclusively granted a 7-day access to free play. The newbies rooms are open daily between noon and 10pm. It is a great place to play online bingo, as there you can win real cash prizes, with nothing being put at stake. Players who are new to the game should definitely try it, and why not the experienced ones, too.

Anyway, despite all available promotions, there's no such thing as free lunch. It's no secret that money has been running the world for centuries. Therefore, you will have to deposit some cash in your account, in order to feel the real-deal bingo. Only that way you will be able to enjoy the sites' full functionality and access all options. Ticket prices vary for different games and start from the very affordable 5p a piece. The top rooms gather lots of players daily, and that accumulates very attractive jackpots. Money won is twice as sweet as money earned. So why not give it a try?

Which Are the Best Online Bingo Games?

Before considering the bingo operator alternatives, it is of vital importance that you fully understand the rules of each specific game. You can play bingo online in all its traditional forms, as well as in some modern adaptations. Technology in bingo (just like in all other aspects of life) has developed with the idea of making things simpler. Understandably, no balls are being shuffled. Random number generator (RNG) software is used instead. You don't have to worry if you have missed a number announced by the caller. There are no daubers when you play online bingo, all numbers are marked automatically.

The 90-ball game is widely known as UK bingo. Logically, British bingo sites feature it more than any other. The game is played with cards of 3 rows, each of them holding 5 numbers (between 1 and 90) and 4 blank squares. Often, players purchase a strip of 6 tickets, guaranteeing that no matter which number is called, it will be marked in one of their tickets. In the 90-ball bingo games, winners are determined in 3 stages. The 'one line' winner is the first player to complete an entire row of his or her ticket. The prize rises for the first player with two fully marked rows. Usually, the largest piece of the pie goes to the full-house winner (the one who is the first to find all winning numbers in one bingo ticket). Unsurprisingly, Wink is the operator that has the best 90-ball games. There is a good choice of bingo rooms and their card prizes are really affordable.

Yankees, though, always tend to do things in a different way. Bingo is yet another proof that everything is altered once it touches American soil. Beyond the Atlantic, they mostly play 75-ball Bingo, a game which can also be found online. The numbers there are spread on a 5x5 'B-I-N-G-O' card, and each column is labelled by a letter. The central square is usually marked 'free'. Each number called comes with a letter, indicating towards which column it counts. The most intriguing characteristic of 75-ball bingo, no doubt, is the winning pattern types. They are always different and regularly come in funny forms. Letters of the alphabet, numbers and flowers... you will be amazed how many patterns could be formed, using some 25 squares.

Special and Innovative Online Bingo Games

In harmony with the rising popularity of bingo games, online operators started to introduce unconventional variations of them more rapidly. The reasons behind that may be chiefly commercial, but online bingo players will not care. For them, the most important thing is that they get additional options to play bingo for money, have fun and win big.

Everybody is happy when they play bingo for money at GalaThe 80-ball bingo game is, in short, a hybrid between the two most popular ones. There are 16 numbers on a single card, sorted in four different colours. Winning formulas are really unlimited with this game version. They include horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, along with some others, such as the four-corners winning pattern. Speed Bingo is pretty much the same as the 75-ball game. The only difference you will notice, is the numbers are called more rapidly. The sole mention of Jackpot always enhances the buzz, regardless where you are located. It's natural, people love to win big. Online bingo players will be excited to browse the enormous supply of progressive jackpots that are available on the web. In order to claim one, you need to complete a certain pattern within a specific number of calls.

A perfect example of a successful innovation is the Deal Or No Deal bingo game. It comes in both 75- and 90-ball forms and is available at some of the leading bingo operators. The similarity with the TV-show is that when the lucky numbers are called, the corresponding prize boxes are eliminated. In the end, the full-house winner has to decide whether to accept the banker's offer, or claim the prize in the Winner's box.